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C. C. Lab

Taipei Digital Art Center is positioned as an R&D and integration organization, thus the establishment of the Creative Club Lab (C.C. Lab) has the primary objective of developing the most representative digital arts programs, through the integration of high-end technology, art and creativity. We hope that this innovative operating mechanism will help to create a professional R&D platform, which combines digital technology with artistic creativity. This platform is intended for members to continuously share their research, and publicly display the research results. We will actively invite experts from the field of digital art to join the C.C. Lab; they are the driving force for the operating mechanism. Subjects include the high-end industry, academic research, creative art and public resources etc. Furthermore, we also accept cooperative proposals from academic institutions, government agencies and other industries. We also intend to publicly recruit project research personnel. With continual convergence and sharing of resources as our development strategy, we intend to establish a good interactive mechanism and shape a proactive future outlook.