Digital Art Festival

The 11th Digital Art Festival Taipei - in_SUBJECT

The general development of technologies have constituted a pluralistic, organic coupling system brimming with great uncertainty and figments of imagination. Such “organic uncertainty” is exactly the creative foothold that human subjects can secure therein, if you will. The theme “in_Subject” refers to a state of finding delight in mastering this technical system. This...

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The 10th Digital Art Festival Taipei - Digitopia

This culture consists of triple elements, namely human (i.e. maker), space (i.e. Fablab), and activity (i.e. community). They embody the hand-in-hand logo of maker culture by respectively materializing the meaning of sharing, learning, and collaboration. Based on the fundamental spirit of open source, the sharing and collaboration fulfilled by making extend the recipr...

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The digital era is, purely and simply, an era of eco-system.
“Eco-system” is one of the central metaphors in the digital era. An “eco-system” refers to a specific mission that should be accomplished within a designated time. In the world where problems must be solved immediately, along with the inundation of digital tools and the great scarcity of time, we should no ...

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The concept of “Data-Neurons” consists of two crucial issues,namely “Big Data” and “Neurons,” in the contemporary global network society. Since the last decade of the twentieth century, the rapid transmission of digital data and the powerful driving force of digital media technology have considerably changed theeconomic, political, media, and cultural dimensions of ou...

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